Jack Nicholson, Chex Mix, & why winter turns me into a loser.

I’ve found that the weather affects my mood. I don’t know what it does, or even why exactly, but maybe it’s having to be indoors so much. I mean, once the weekend comes, I go from having high energy and being productive to hardly functioning. So I can’t blame the fact that it’s negative thirty outside, is it the effect of the long week? I mean, I haven’t even put on a real pair of pants since Thursday morning. Elastic waistbands, reruns of Sex & the City, and looking at hair styles on Pinterest is basically what my life has consisted of this weekend. But what really made me realize this, was last night. I was sitting on the couch, watching Burlesque and wishing I was Christina Aguilera, while eating Chex Mix. I know how great it sounds, just another Friday night getting “turned up.” Do I sound cool when I say that?  Anyway, I was eating the Chex Mix in the dark, and with every blinded bite I kept getting all the wheat chex and those weird brown chip things. After about ten minutes of not being able to see what I was getting, I came up with a solution. Rather than turning on the light like a normal, logical human being, I used the flashlight on my phone so that I could look into the bag and pick out all the pretzels and white chex. In that moment, I knew I should probably feel some sense of shame, but I didn’t. I don’t know which part is worse, that I didn’t get up and turn on the light, or that I was watching Burlesque on a friday night by myself. Oh well. But this isn’t my only moment of shame. The other day, I was steeping tea, (that’s a great way to start  out a story and sound like a loser by the way) and I had a paper towel over it. I sneezed and then used the same paper towel to blow my nose that I was steeping the tea with. I didn’t even care either. Am I even okay enough to function in society anymore? How did I turn into this person who uses flashlights to sort through their chex mix and sneezes into tea? It’s somewhat bothersome to me. The winter is affecting me like it did with Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”And if you haven’t seen it, then watch it and you’ll understand.


2 thoughts on “Jack Nicholson, Chex Mix, & why winter turns me into a loser.

  1. Hey, this probably looks like I’m just commenting on your thing because you commented on my thing earlier today when I was eating that muffin. But that’s not why I”m commenting on your thing. I’m commenting because this is really funny, as is your whole blog thing you’ve got here. So stay cool, bye.

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