(I decided to throw in a serious writing of mine, just to mix it up.)

All she wanted was a little bit of love. Or so she thought. As cliche as the young girl at seven knew it sounded, it was true. Her younger years were showered with love from her family, but it didn’t fill the void she was searching for. The girl grew up and sleepily stumbled from here to there into several misguided relationships. But they too, didn’t do a thing to help. Frustrated, she relentlessly continued to search for someone or even something it seemed, to satisfy the hollow hole of a rejected sense of affection that was so longed for by a sharply growing heart. Now getting much older and seeing that the meaningless interactions and relationships did nothing more than trouble and complicate everything, the young woman realized something after most recently, dodging yet another witless and rather dense man. It was a thought about herself. All her life, she’d been blindly wandering after a desire of security and contentment, that was indeed lying within her sorry heart all along. That night, the enlightened woman went to bed, no longer feeling so alone. And the next morning, the aching sense of loss that routinely embraced her like a weary and tattered quilt, was in fact, absent. On that day, she looked in the mirror with a nod of approval. If you become your own happiness, the rest just all falls into place.


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