Things I wish I could do.

1. Eat a block of cheese. Or two. (I’m lactose intolerant.) Which basically means I can no longer eat anything that actually tastes good.

2. Juggle.

3. Braid hair.

4. Do math.

5. Be fergalicious. What does that entail anyway?

5. Know what being “fergalicious” is.

6. Tell everyone I’m soul searching for a day and disappear, but secretly just go to IHOP and eat a thousand pancakes.

7. Make Luke Skywalker my best friend.

8. Make Tom Hanks my best friend.

9. Lasso a sheep

10. Successfully pull off a magic trick.

11. Sit on the hood of someone’s car, overlooking some cheesy city skyline and talk about deep things.

12. Pull off wearing a hat.

13. Go in a hot air balloon.

14. Double dutch jump rope.

15. Sit in a room with a thousand puppies and play with them all day.


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